RAY 3D WALL TILE – High-density, rigid polyurethane foam


*Price reduces to £16.00 per tile when ordering 6 or more.

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Material: High-density, yellow, rigid polyurethane foam
Brand: ARSTYL®
Main Colour: White (need painting)
Room: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining Room, Hallway
Country/Region of Manufacture: Belgium

Category: SKU: ARSTYL® RAY 3D WALL TILE - High-density, rigid polyurethane foam (needs painting)




Product name: ARSTYL® RAY 3D WALL TILE
Constituent material: High-density, yellow, rigid polyurethane foam.
Density: ±300 kg/m3
Factory finish: Matt white acrylic primer to be painted. Visible surfaces: The manufacturing technique guarantees a hard and smooth surface and the exact reproduction of the motif.
Dimensions: RAY: 550mm x 320mm (tolerance ±5mm)


Areas of application: Decorative wall tiles for interior use.
Fitting and storage conditions: ARSTYL® WALL TILES must be stored flat in a dry place. The recommended temperature is +15 °C to +25°C with a relative humidity of 45% to 65%. To achieve optimum results, the products should be fitted under similar moisture and temperature conditions as present after the installation (indoor environment). Fitting on a wet backing surface (fresh plaster) and in forced drying conditions (heat gun, dehumidifier, exceptionally high temperature) are to be ruled out.


The following backing surfaces are suitable: indoor plastered or papered
surfaces, coated plaster. Surfaces must be clean, dry, free from
dust, degreased and flat; rough down if necessary. If the product is to
be applied to particular backing surfaces, please consult our technical


The factory-primed ARSTYL® WALL TILES must be coated with a finishing paint. Water-based emulsion paints, acrylic or PU-based emulsion paints and alkyd resin paints are suitable. It is always recommended to perform a test coat. Lime paints, silicate paints, silicone resin colours and mixed products must not be used.


ARSTYL® WALL TILES are not designed to withstand loads. With polyurethane materials there may be a slight dimensional change at increased temperature and humidity. A slightly visible joint can arise due to these material-specific properties at the panel joint area. This is not a reason for complaint.

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